Gill Sensors Introduces Liquid Level Sensor for Defense Applications

LevelDefend delivers proven performance in critical defense applications such as tanks, military transport vehicles or military marine craft. Used as part of a larger system or vehicle, LevelDefend liquid level sensors provide robust, reliable and accurate measurement of fuel, oil or coolant in challenging defense applications and environments. 

LevelDefend is constructed from high-grade anodized aluminum with sealed electronics.  The sensor excels in harsh dynamic conditions where the liquid is subject to constant movement and the sensor subject to DEF STAN (MIL STD) levels of shock and vibration. In these demanding situations, LevelDefend delivers stable and reliable readings.  

The sensor uses solid-state capacitive technology to sense the level of the liquid. With no moving parts, floats or other mechanical linkages, LevelDefend provides excellent long term reliability, accuracy and durability resulting in lowest lifetime cost of ownership. 

Gill Sensors & Controls’ stringent quality control ensures that every sensor is factory calibrated with temperature compensation to provide market leading accuracy in liquid level measurement. <more>