4128 LevelDefend Liquid Level Sensor

4128 LevelDefend Liquid Level Sensors

4128 LevelDefend Liquid Level Sensors

Robust, reliable liquid level sensor for high reliability and defense electronics application.


  • 6082 T6 anodized aluminum construction
  • Solid state electronics
  • Environmentally sealed design
  • Can be used with bespoke liquids
  • Compatible with fuels, oils, chemicals and water-based liquids

Whether it's armored vehicles, military transport vehicles or military marine craft, LevelDefend delivers provide performance to the exacting standards required in critical applications and when security is paramount.  Used as part of a larger system or vehicle, LevelDefend provides robust, reliable and accurate liquid level measurement, to a diverse range of defense applications.  Supplied to customers requirements, LevelDefend capacitive sensor is backed up by expert support from Gill, who design and manufacture in the UK, to give total peace of mind.  This product has been used in military systems that adhere to DEF STAN 61-5/MIL-STD 1275 DEF STAN 59-411/MIL-STD-461F and DEF STAN 00-35/MIL-STD-810G. 

4128-00-060-100 4128-00-060-100
100mm 4-20mA SAE 5-Bolt Side None 5 weeks
4128-00-060-1000 4128-00-060-1000
1000mm 4-20mA SAE 5-Bolt Side None 5 weeks
4128-00-060-250 4128-00-060-250
250mm 4-20mA SAE 5-Bolt Side None 5 weeks
4128-00-060-500 4128-00-060-500
500mm 4-20mA SAE 5-Bolt Side None 5 weeks
4128-00-060-XXX 4128-00-060-XXX
Specify 4-20mA SAE 5-Bolt Side None 6 weeks