Liquid Temperature Power Sensor - TPS

Temperature Power Sensors(TPS) are high precision control type thermostats equivalent in performance to electronic thermostat. A small differential, long life, compact size and low price make these ideal thermal control solutions. Setting temperature range from -10°C to 110°C.

MQT72P MQT72P Matsuo Electric
5 250VAC|48VDC 3 Wires Connector -10 ~ 110°C DIN connector provided 113mm x 21.5Ø 6 Weeks
MQT81P MQT81P Matsuo Electric
2 250VAC|48VDC 2 Wires Hole -10 ~ 110°C Part can be immersed 50mm x 13Ø 6 Weeks
MQT83P MQT83P Matsuo Electric
2 250VAC|48VDC 2 Wires None -10 ~ 110°C Immersion > 50mm 150-450mm x 14Ø 6 Weeks
MQT83PD MQT83PD Matsuo Electric
2 250VAC|48VDC Connector None -10 ~ 110°C DIN connector provided 252mm x 13Ø 6 Weeks