High Precision Resistors

We offer high precision and high voltage SMD resistors and dividers in thick film technology. We also offer high precision, voltage resistant thin film resistors in SMD packages.  These products are used in industrial, meidcal and aerospace and defense applications. 

CDV Series SMD High Voltage Dividers CDV Series SMD High Voltage Dividers SMD Resistor Divider with two resistors in thick film technology. Resistance up to a 1 Giga-Ohm. 6 weeks
CHM Series Resistors CHM Series Resistors SMD High Precision, High-Value Resistors in thick film technology. Sizes from 0805 through 4020. 6 weeks
CMF-V Series Resistors CMF-V Series Resistors SMD High Precision Resistor in thin film technology. Voltages up to 1000V 6 weeks