Broadcom Qtube Spectrometers


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Broadcom UV Sensitive Miniature Spectrometer for Flexible Industrial Integration


  • Mini process spectrometer
  • Tight integration solution
  • Wavelength 190-1000 nm
  • 35 X 70 mm


Within an amazingly small design, the Broadcom® Qtube Spectrometer is the perfect spectral sensor for the integration directly into your process pipe. This spectrometer module delivers technical specifications that are unprecedented at this size. The Qtube Spectrometer module covers a wide spectral range from 190 nm to 1000 nm within one single device. Easy communication and signal acquisition is guaranteed through a UART interface. The optical performance is optimized for the UV range. 

Cylindrical 35 X 70 mm 190-1000 nm AFBR-S20T1WU Qtube spectrometer 190nm to 1000nm less than 2nm-5.5nm 1