M3-L-1.8-6 Module


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The M3-L is a miniature high-resolution positioning system. It is a “smart” actuator with integrated driver and closed-loop controller inside the actuator. This compact, powerful motion system helps OEM designers improve performance and reduce the size of instruments in a wide range of applications. M3-L micro linear actuators add high-resolution positioning to portable and hand-held devices. They accept a 3.3 V supply and high-level input via standard serial interface. We offer production-ready standard modules, as well as customized modules to fit your OEM application.


  • Small: complete, compact system with embedded closed-loop controls. Less than half the size and one-fourth the weight of comparable systems.
  • Precise: 0.5μm position resolution with six millimeters of travel.
  • Low voltage, low power use: runs on 3.3V input, holds position with power off.
  • Simple system integration: accepts high-level motion commands DIRECTLY from your system processor, over standard serial interface (I2C or SPI).
  • Flexible system, fast time to market: the M3 platform is designed for rapid customization. Modules are configurable for single- or multi-axis motion and travel up to 20 mm.