EMIRS200 600.347


1 or above $118.00
5 or above $90.00
10 or above $76.00
25 or above $64.00


EMIRS200, TO39 with Cap, Low Profile, Front Vented


  • True black body radiation (2 to 14µm)
  • High emissivity and modulation depth
  • Fast electrical modulation ( no chopper wheel needed)
  • High electrical input to optical output efficiency
  • Low power consumption and long lifetime

Axetris IR sources are micro-machined thermal infrared emitters. The patented design provides a true black body radiation characteristic from 2 to 14 μm, high emissivity and a long lifetime. It has a low power consumption and the source can be modulated extremely fast. EMIRS200 are packaged in compact TO39 cans and are available with protective cap or with reflector; Sapphire, CaF2, BaF2 and Germanium windows are optional. Axetris IR sources are ideally suited for compact gas detection modules.