DK-M3-L-1.8-6.0 Development Kit


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The M3-L is a miniature high-resolution positioning system with integrated driver and closed-loop control. It delivers 500nm resolution at less than half the size and one-fourth the weight of comparable positioning systems. This compact, powerful motion system helps OEM designers improve performance and reduce the size of instruments in a wide range of applications. It is ideal for precision tuning of photonics, microwave and RF systems. Defense applications include laser beam steering and targeting, UAV and UGV flight controls, and field-portable systems for biomedical and chemical detection and analysis. Medical applications include micro surgical devices and point-of-care systems. Developers Kit DK-M3L-1.8-TRK-6.0-S developer’s kits include M3-L actuator, “push” and “pull” ends, USB adapter (SPI), connecting cables, mounting hardware and New Scale Pathway software.


  • Small: complete, compact system with embedded closed-loop controls. Less than half the size and one-fourth the weight of comparable systems.
  • Precise: 0.5μm position resolution with six millimeters of travel.
  • Low voltage, low power use: runs on 3.3V input, holds position with power off.
  • Simple system integration: accepts high-level motion commands DIRECTLY from your system processor, over standard serial interface (I2C or SPI).
  • Flexible system, fast time to market: the M3 platform is designed for rapid customization. Modules are configurable for single- or multi-axis motion and travel up to 6 mm.

Developer's Kit DK-M3-L-1.8-TRK-6.0-S and DK-M3-L-1.8-6.0 are the same kit.