exPyro SMD I2C Pyroelectric IR Flame Sensor


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Pyroelectric flame detector, filter 5.00µm, Long Pass filter BW, human motion rejection, standard packaging 800 pieces on 7-in T&R


  • Digital pyroelectric IR sensor for flame detection
  • Fast response time ensuring rapid and accurate detection
  • High dynamic range allows detection of small and large flames
  • Integrated digital, current mode read-out offering high responsivity over full frequency range
  • Programmable gain and filtering offer maximum design flexibility


Sensor Characteristic Electrical Characteristic
Filter Aperture d = 1.65 mm Supply Voltage 1.75 to 3.6 V
SMD Size 0.64 x 0.64 mm2 Supply Current (typ.) 1 to 23 µA
SMD Package 5.65 x 3.7 x 1.55 mm Digital I/O I2C (FM+ compatible)
D* (typ.)1 2.5 X 10cm√Hz/W ADC 15bit Δ∑ ADC @1ksp
NEP (typ.) 2.7 x 10-10 W/√hz Operating Temperature -40 to +85°C
Time Constant ˜10ms (10-20 Hz peak) Storage Temperature -40 to +110°C
Field of View ˜90° Sensor Readout Current Mode
    Configurable Gain/Digital filtering/sampling rate/power modes