AOS Micro-Faze® K6 Thermal Pads

52047 12X12 Sheets

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52047 12X12 Sheets

Non-silicone thermal pad with total thickness of .006 inches


  • Micro-Faze K6 Dry-to-Touch Thermal Pads
  • 12" X 12" X "0.006" thickness
  • Prototype solutions
  • Visual Markings on some sheets

AOS Micro-Faze® K6 is a non-silicone thermal pad offering the lowest thermal resistance in a thermal interface material without the mess of grease. This material offers a die-cut aluminum foil substrate coated on both sides with a specially formulated thermal grease that is naturally tacky but dry to touch. Micro-Faze® K6 material is available in rolls and can be die-cut to exact specifications. Contact us for more information.