Vishay PIN Photodiodes and NPN Phototransistors in Stock

We now have inventory of the following Silicone PIN Photodiodes and NPN Phototransistors manufactured by Vishay Intertechnology. Our sample packs come in various sizes including 30, 50 or 100 die on blue foil. All new inventory and vacuum packed in anti-static bags. Available Part Numbers include T1070P-SD-F, T1090P6-SD-F, T1110P-SD-F, T1112P-SD-F, T1113P-SD-F, T1116P-SD-F, T1170P-SD-F, T1172P6-SD-F, T1180P-SD-F, T1187P-SD-F, T1610P-SD-F, T1670P-SD-F, T1677P-SD-F, T1678P-SD-F, T330P-SD-F, T337P6-SD-F, and T5096P-SD-F. Call or email for details!