Broadcom Offers Thin Film Pyroelectric Linear Array PY0722

Broadcom (formerly PYREOS Ltd.) has unique capability to produce un-cooled pyroelectric linear array sensors which offer high performance right across the infrared spectrum and especially in the mid infrared. Our unique thin film pyroelectric material can be patterned to provide micron-scale individual sensor pixels on the thermally isolating membrane layer of our sensor device. These high-resolution patterned sensors are produced in high volumes using standard MEMS foundry processes. Electroverge will offer the PY0722, which is a 128 element linear array featuring: 

  • Infrared detector 128 element Line array sensor
  • Filter: antireflection coated thin Si
  • 16 pin metal package
  • Analog multiplexed output
  • Pixel size: 60um x 500um; Pitch: 100um

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