SENIS Current Sensors and Evaluation Modules Now in Stock

The SENIS® SENCS1Dx is a programmable current sensor that uses a combination of linear Hall sensor and Coil to increase the measurement bandwidth and to improve the signal-to-noise ratio, i.e. to increase resolution. This combination allows the highest frequency bandwidth of this kind of sensor on the market. The sensor provides and analog output voltage proportional to the applied magnetic field density. The transfer characteristic of the sensor is factory trimmed over temperature and is programmable (offset, sensitivity, filtering...) during end-of-line customer calibration beyond the default factory trimming. In a typical current sensing application, the sensor is used in a combination with a ring shaped soft ferromagnetic core. This core is recommended to be ferrite or laminated for high bandwidth applications. Electroverge® now has inventory available for popular current sensor ratings in SIP-4 and SOIP-8 packages as well as a full array of Evaluation PCBs sold individually or as a kit. Contact us for details!