Broadcom SiPM Evaluation PCB Now Available in Stock

Electroverge® now has stock on Broadcom's AFBR-S4PEPCBDC DC readout evaluation PCB. This kit supports fast testing our Broadcom's SiPMs and is compatible with Thorlabs cage mount systems SM1 for easy mounting and alignment into optical systems.  Included in our stocking package are the following SiPMs on interposer PCB: AFBR-S4N22P014M (2 mm X 2 mm), AFBR-S4N44P014M (4 mm X 4 mm), and AFBR-S4N66P014M (6 mm X 6 mm).  Features include:
  • DC Readout over 50Ω load resistor.
  • Compatible with ThorLabs SM1 cage mounting system.
  • Carrier PCB is compatible with ABFR-S4E001 evaluation kit.
  • Available SiPM on interposer PCB for multiple parts.
  • Kit available only for evaluation purposes.