ams OSRAM NSE-5310 Encoder Stock Available

Electroverge® now offers the last remaining stock of part number NSE-5310.  ams OSRAM AG has discontinued offering the NSE-5310. Contact us for your requirements!

The TRACKER NSE-5310 is an incremental position sensor with on-chip encoding for direct digital output. A Hall element array on the chip is sued to derive the incremental position of an external magnetic strip placed above the IS at a distance of 0.3 mm. This sensor array detects the ends of the magnetic strip to provide a zero-reference point.  The integration of Hall-effect position sensors, analog front end and digital signal processing of a single IC chip provide an ingeniously small position sensor, without the need for external pulse counters. Direct digital output is accessible over the serial interface using I2C protocol. The TRACKER NSE-5310 provides absolute position information, over the length of a magnet pole pair (2 mm). A user can count pole pairs and achieve absolute position information over the entire length of the magnet (essentially unlimited). With better than 0.5 microns resolution, the TRACKET is a robust, cost-effective alternative to miniature optical encoders. IT can be used as a linear or off-axis rotary encoder.