GILL Sensors and Controls

LevelPro | LevelLite | LevelSlick | LevelDefend

GILL SENSORS & CONTROLS As a leading manufacturer of innovative measurement sensors, Gill products are relied upon to inform and control processes in a diverse range of applications across the globe. With no moving parts, Gill products are designed for reliability and minimum maintenance.

LevelSlick® Level Sensor (7014)

  • No holes or moving parts to clog or block
  • Non stick PTFE coating ensures long-term reliability and accuracy
  • Compatible with suspended solids, flocculants, slurry, colloids, effluents, acidic fluids
  • Unaffected by agitation and foaming
  • Pre-calibrated – ready to use ‘out of the box’
  • Wireless solution available

LevelLite® Level Sensors (4223)

  • Lightweight, robust aluminum construction
  • Continuous, high accuracy level measurement
  • Proven reliability in demanding environments
  • Measures high performance fuels, oils and coolants
  • Accurate results even in irregular tank shapes
  • Multiple standard or custom mounting options 

LevelPro® Level Sensor (7010)

  • Suitable for water, saline, fuels, oil, chemicals
  • No moving parts for high reliability
  • Accuracy +/-2% FSD
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Solid state with no moving parts
  • Tan profiling system for irregular shaped tanks
  • Wide operating temperature

LevelDefend® Level Sensors (4128)

LevelDefend 4128
  • 6082 T6 anodized aluminum construction
  • Solid state electronics
  • Environmentally sealed design
  • Can be used for bespoke liquids
  • Compatible with fuels, oils, chemicals and water-based liquids
  • Proven in defense applications