New Scale Technologies - Three Axis Micro Stages

For XY-stage and XYZ-stage applications, M3-LS linear micro stages are easily assembled into multi-axis configurations. The completed assemblies offer compact size and easy integration into your handheld and portable instruments. 

Each of these “smart stages” has all control electronics embedded in the stage. You provide direct input of motion control commands from your system processor to each axis, over a standard serial interface.  M3-LS microstages can be powered by standard batteries.

For development and testing, use New Scale Pathway software to control three (or more) axes from a single command window in the user interface. The software also helps you create, save and run scripts for automated operations.

M3-LS smart stages give you multi-axis positioning capabilities with the smallest system size and easiest integration into your products. Visit the M3-LS Linear Stages products page for specifications and ordering information.piezoelectric micro stage