New Scale Launches Smart Stage for High-Volume Applications

M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage delivers rapid, cost-effective integration of embedded motion into precision instruments designed for high-volume production

New Scale Technologies, Inc. has announced availability of its new M3-LS-U2-8 Linear Smart Stage, a direct-drive precision piezoelectric micro stage with embedded controller. It is a cost-effective solution for instrument designers who need to embed precision motion into compact instruments that will be manufactured in high volumes.

Applications include wearable medical devices, instruments for DNA sequencing, instruments for point-of-care diagnostics, handheld video microscopes, devices for telemedicine, portable spectroscopy instruments, handheld imaging systems, and laser beam steering. Watch the video.

The M3-LS-U2-8 delivers all the benefits of the New Scale’s M3-LS Smart Stage family, including precision motion, small size, low power use, and rapid integration into OEM instruments. Its speed of 35 mm/sec is seven times faster than other M3-LS Smart Stages.

New Scale Technology