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Designing Out Obsolescence

November 29, 2017
By applying the same forward-thinking and commercial insight,  designers can have a major impact on minimizing the risk of component obsolescence. Source: Designing Out Obsolescence Read More

Why Industrial Salespeople Struggle To Sell Value

August 31, 2017
Article Paul Reilly highlights the three greatest hurdles industrial salespeople face when attempting to sell value, and how to conquer them. Contributed Author: Paul Reilly Topics: Sales Management Source: Why Industrial Salespeople Struggle To Sell Read More

E-Commerce Gets Beyond Brown Boxes

May 31, 2017
It’s a new era for packaging. What makes a product sitting in a warehouse attractive to buyers is decidedly different from what lures customer to pick up a product in the store. Source: E-Commerce Gets Read More

Thoughts on building a bootstrapped business

May 30, 2017
CEO Yaron Ben Shaul originally launched Hometalk as an engagement platform for customers of Networx, his lead-generation business for home contractors. That engagement platform has since grown into a social network for the “do-it-yourself” community. Read More

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